Apartment in Sofia, Ivan Vazov district

project  LABEO
photographer  BOJAN VUTOV

The white colour unifies the designs of both lamps and furniture in the house, creating feeling of space and lightness to the interior. The general light in the living room is provided by Lena lamp, emitting a strong, yet soft light. Fresh emphasis is the two-colored lampshade of the Lamp, Combo series, over the dining table. The kitchen area is lit up by a ceiling-mounted lamp, Box series, with six directional spotlights. linear luminaire, Shilo series, emitting a strong indirect light illuminates the corridor. The lighting is complemented by a floor lamp Model 60 in white, placed next to the low seating furniture. On each side of the bed in the bedroom there is a bedside lamp Cima, with lampshade in white fabric. Vogue mirror, equipped with integrated lighting along borders, creates a clean cut image with no blemishes due to abundant light and lack of shadows.

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