Kalil is the brand name of a series of conical ceiling pendant light fittings, which we have developed by applying the traditional technique for lampshade manufacturing, however, paying a special attention to the details and proportions. We have created our own version of the technique with a view to achieve indisputable product solidity and durability and reliability of materials. Particularly interesting were our experiments to create very large lighting fixtures, where we had to use alternative materials and manufacturing technology.

  • you can order the lamp in size and proportion, by choice

  • option of combining various colours and textures when selecting the fabric for the inside and outside of the lampshade

  • we successfully experimented application of printed pattern for decorating the fabric

  • the lampshade can be made in a way to let the light pass through or mainly targeted downwards

  • option to choose the colour of the components, mounted on the ceiling

  • option to choose the cable in terms of colour and structure

  • equipped with various types of light sources depending on your needs

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