Who We Are

We are a team of designers, managers and professionals in the field of production, engaged in design and manufacture of lighting. We develop complete concepts as well as specific lighting fixtures. Our work is based on individual approach to each particular task and customer. The communication with our customers is on personal level. It is based on a structured exchange of information, focused on defining and achieving the ultimate goal. Our favorite work is to design and manufacture unique lighting for specific locations. We put personal attitude in every detail.

Our activities comprise the complete cycle of lighting solutions - from defining the task, through design and manufacturing, to installation. We work closely with architects and designers and this is a very essential part of our work. What distinguishes us is that we develop and implement our own concepts. We have our own style and a special attitude to design. Our goal is for the level of consulting our clients to be the highest possible on the market.

We established the Studio in 1998, in Sofia as a team, dealing with product design. Since 2002, we started designing and implementing lighting fixtures and lighting concepts. Working with light has become the focus of the experimental work in our team. The strive to implement our ideas in this field urged us to create a production facility and start developing designs, applying different materials and technologies. Gradually we shaped our style and focused largely on uncommon solutions in the field of interior lighting.

Our Team

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