Hayku is a ceiling pendant light fitting with timber lampshade, whose body we laminate manually with several layers of natural veneer to emphasise the natural beauty of the wood. This suspended semi-flush mount light fixture allows illuminating of both the space beneath and the ceiling above, while the colour and the sheen level of the lampshade amplifies the light, thus complementing indirectly the general lighting of the interior. Hayku suits perfectly low tables and high ones as well as bar countertops and serves effectively, both arranged independently and in groups as per the requirement of the space or the size of the table, above which it is suspended.

  • you can order this light fitting in various sizes and proportions

  • you can choose veneer from our swatches or your own veneer

  • the finish of the lampshade can be further processed to blend with the other elements of the project

  • custom colour of the metal lampshade carrier and of the ceiling rose

  • option of the colour and type of the power cord

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