Jeu is a semi flush mount ceiling light fitting, aiming at serving the dynamic functional versatility of a modern home. Its mobile arm revolves around the point of attachment to the ceiling and so the light changes its direction, targeting the work surface beneath. It serves as task lighting, providing directional light to particular area of the room, where most of the activities, requiring intense lightening are taking place. In the interior on the photo, the light fitting is placed in the centre of the ceiling, illuminating the table beneath, however if revolved to almost 360 degrees it becomes the primary lighting source above the low seating nook thus cutting off the need of additional lightening over the sofas. The solution saves space and it is dynamic in terms of functionality and vision, which is the core of this interior design concept.

  • option to select the colour of the inside and outside of the lampshade

  • option to select the colour of the arm, ceiling rose kit, bulb holder and the adjustment element, serving to revolve the light

  • the light source could be fluorescent or diode

  • we can manufacture the arm and suspention rod at lengths, according to the specific size of the space, where the light fitting is going to be mounted.

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