Ogbo is a multifunctional wall mounted lamp with a flexible arm. The position of the arm is easily ajustable to allow illumination of different interior areas within a certain perimeter, depending on the needs the occupants.Ogbo illuminates with downward light therefore it is suitable for reading and illuminating countertops and tables, as well as for complementing the atmospheric lighting in the interior. A great advantage of the lamp is that it can be added at any stage of the project as it does not require preliminary available power supply sockets on the wall. Also, Ogbo boasts with its dual-color lampshade and elegant arm that make the lamp an outstanding, stylish and fresh accent of any interior fashion.

  • the lamp can be made with lampshades in different colours for the inside and outside

  • option to select the shape and dimensions of the lampshade depending on the specific project

  • option to choose the length of the movable arm to match the other parameters of the project

  • the metal components of the lamp can be painted in custom color

  • can use various light sources

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