Belchin Garden Spa Hotel


project   SF DESIGN

Belchin Garden Spa Hotel is restorative - healing complex in the resort Belchin Bani. The participation of Wolfram Studio in project implementation is in the representative areas of the lobby bar and the restaurant of the hotel. The lighting concept expresses the idea of exquisite modern comfort. The selected lighting fixtures are made of natural materials and simple forms. Pendant light is chosen to create the general lighting of the lobby bar, comprising of six Zen lights pending on steel wire, each lamp is with diameter of 130 cm and is made of multi-layered walnut veneer. They emit diffuse soft light, lighting up uniformly the space beneath them. The bar and the back cabinets are illuminated with spotlights, Blaze 70. The ambient lighting in the restaurant is accomplished by eight wall lights - sconces, Lena series, made of natural linen fabric. They are complemented by Blaze 70 spotlights, which saturate the light at the edges and illuminate the wainscoting and the wooden, lamella partitioning wall.

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