BAVARIA   restaurant, Sofia

photographer   YANA BLAJEVA

The lighting in the restaurant was designed and manufactured as part of the concept for freshened up vision of the space. The lighting in the restaurant is designed and constructed as part of our concept for the refreshing and reinvigorating the look of the space. The selection of lights, Fay series was prompted by the relatively low ceilings and the need to enrich the interior with more specifics. Fay light is a flush-mount lamp with lampshade made by braiding a silk strip on an aluminum construction, covered on the bottom side with light transmitting mat material.Its appearance features electric glow, magnificent by the size of the lamp and the raster of the braided silk strip and at the same time minimalist because of the simplicity of form and the absence of further details. Thanks to the power of its light and the large area that emits it, Fay creates an extremely comfortable lighting.

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