project   arch. NIKOLAY NIKOLOV

photographers Assen Emilov and Vencislava Vasileva

3 "Raiko Daskalov" str, Sofia

Brasserie is one of the most stylish restaurants in Sofia with a strong minimalist modern vision. Specific for the illumination of the restaurant is the intriguing installation of lighting fixtures so as to be visible and at the same time to blend discreetly in the overall concept of the interior. Between the wooden lamella of the suspended ceiling are arranged B-Box spotlight with black metal housing to illuminate the tables beneath. Above the bar, in the wooden ceiling, in a hole, specially shaped for them, are embedded four spotlights Series Box, to illuminate the countertop beneath. In addition to the ambient lighting and as a decorative detail on the countertops are placed black Cima table lamps with fabric lampshade.

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