Blenda L is a linear wall light fitting that glows with reflected, indirect light. It gives to the room soft and soothing lighting despite its high illuminating power.

Side lighting is different from down lighting as sensation. It creates calm and relaxing atmosphere therefore it is appropriate to be used as complementary or alternative to the ambient lighting. An outstanding feature of this light fitting is that it can be made of long lengths. This advantage makes it proper to serve even as an alternative to the general lighting.

Blenda L has width of 12 cm and a depth of 11 cm. An outstanding advantage, due to its production technology is that it can be manufactured with exact length up to 6 meters, according to your requirement. The production of larger dimensions is achieved by changing the structure of the lamp. For the bedroom we have developed a modification to make it suitable to serve as a bedside lamp by adding complementary LED modules, controlled independently. Blenda L can be made in optional colour and depending on the requirement it can be equipped with fluorescent or LED lighting to provide the appropriate colour temperature.

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