Emma is an exterior floor lamp specifically designed and tailor-made pursuant to a particular task, assigned to us by our customers. The idea of this project is to create a lamp that looks like an interior lamp, providing complementary visual comfort, however, suitable also to be used in the garden throughout the year. The silhouette is of a classic lamp, yet its dimensions are heighten so that it does not look small in the open. All input materials are specifically selected to be weather-resistant and fit for outdoor use. The classic workmanship of braiding with a fabric strip, applied to indoor lighting fixtures, we replaced with a material, specifically created for long-term outdoor use.

Emma is moisture-proof, IP44 protection class. All materials are protected against corrosion. For braiding the lampshade we use material, specifically created for outdoor use. The light source is protected in polycarbonate globe, mounted inside the lampshade. The colour of the base and the stem are optional, by customer choice. Regarding the colour of the fabric for making the lampshade we will perform a particular research tailored to your requirements.

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